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Fennel for Breast Milk

If there is one area where people are especially careful about what they take into their bodies, it is in mothers who are breastfeeding. Nursing mothers are always cautious about ensuring that they are providing their baby with healthy, nutritious breast milk. That is the reason many women seek out natural alternatives for supplementing their supply of breast milk, something that is both safe and healthy. One of these alternatives is fennel, an herb that is safe and nutritious for both mother and child.

Providing Healthy Breast Milk

Breast milk is considered the healthiest option for an infant’s nutrition. Each mother’s milk is uniquely formulated to suit the needs of her child, which makes it superior to formula, as it can help equip the baby with beneficial bacteria and provide immunity against local illnesses and allergens. Even so, nursing mothers should be aware that anything entering their system has the potential to be passed to their baby through breast milk, especially anything consumed in food. Nursing mothers should avoid smoking, or drinking alcohol, and limit if not eliminate their caffeine consumption as well. Take only those medications which the doctor has approved as safe. Many specialists recommend a diet that is low in animal fats and high dairy fat products, and high in vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits. It is also advisable to choose organic foods wherever possible. Some doctors will also recommend a vitamin regimen to supplement the vitamin and mineral content in the breast milk.

How Fennel Can Benefit Breast Milk

Fennel has long been used as a natural method for increasing a woman’s supply of breast milk. Thanks to its phytoestrogen content, fennel stimulates the creation of breast milk, allowing mothers to produce more for their infant. Fennel also adds several benefits for the child as well. With a variety of vitamins, minerals and essential oils, fennel can help to supplement the nutritional value of the breast milk. It may also have the ability to soothe the infant’s upset stomach, due to the pro-digestive qualities of its essential oils.